VDIS is dispatch, journey management, work alone management, scheduling, and much more....

Journey Management

The journey management software will ensure your employees make it to their destination safely. With a sophisticated monitoring back-end platform and an easy to use mobile app, VDIS is what your company needs for journey safety.

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Work Alone Management

While working alone, VDIS will monitor your employees and require them to check-in at regular intervals to ensure their safety during the work alone session.

Download the Journey Management app above, which also does Work Alone.

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Live 24/7 Monitoring and Emergency Response

Telelink provides 24/7 safety monitoring for your connected app, device or call in method of choice. Their team of experts help you build a custom escalation procedure so that you can ensure an effective response to any emergency or potential safety incidents. Telelink's safety division is Incident Command System trained and delivers a 911 response time for your employees.

Vehicle/Personal Safety Device Tracking

Many integration services connect us with industry leading vehicle monitoring and personal tracking devices.

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VDIS dispatch components have been a benefit to many oilfield service companies including Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes and others. Get your crews and equipment to the job on time and without errors.

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