VDIS has been in use for over two decades with many years of operating time. During this time we have had a number of compliments and testimonials from our customers. Following are some excerpts from client letters.

“Several years ago, Baker Hughes purchased an enterprise license of VDIS dispatch modules for its Wireline division in the United States. C-TAP has highly customized our version of VDIS and integrated it with our internal systems to the point that it is now our core operational system. Canada has recently purchased a similar license, and VDIS has been approved by Baker Hughes’ IT group for global implementation. We continue to use C-TAP to develop our customized version of VDIS that enhances our ability to effectively and efficiently deliver our services to our customers, while also efficiently managing our internal financial processes.”

John Schoener-Scott
Baker Hughes
US Land Wireline Systems

“Due to the huge success of C-TAP’s VDIS software for journey management in Weatherford’s Canadian an US regions, C-TAP is now implementing its software for Weatherford globally. C-TAP continues to provide innovative solutions to journey management by integrating with numerous GPS/AVL systems and personal communications systems. The perfect blend of technology and human interaction sets them apart as a best in class journey management solution.”

Andy Barnes
Global Transportation Manager
Weatherford International

“On November 26, 2009, Weatherford Canada took Journey Management using C-TAP's VDIS Software Canada wide. Taking the VDIS software to a regional approach for all of Canada required C-TAP corporation to be responsive and resourceful to be able to manage all of these journeys. In three working days we had formulated the implementation plan, action log, and all of the IT requirements to accommodate the safety of 3,700 employees that would be operating 2,600 company vehicles from 101 Weatherford locations in Canada. To this date we have ensured the safety of countless employees travelling with over 100,000 journeys and convoys operating ½ ton trucks up to tractor trailers, transporting all forms of dangerous goods including explosives and radiation within the Canadian region.

With the outstanding success rate in Canada, the US regiment of Weatherford International is now fully using the VDIS Software to manage this safety piece for the US region as well. Weatherford US recognized the value in not only the Journey Management Safety System, but utilizing the integral system from C-TAP which has successfully ensured the safety of all North American Weatherford International employees commuting to and from work sites or any company business. The expansion into the US now includes roughly 9,800 employees and 5,500 vehicles, and during the last 4 months we logged 76,000 journeys, and 1,000 calls per day.

The success of the Journey Management system is due primarily to the C-TAP team's devotion to the implementation, training, and execution of the critically important safety software system. During the roll-out, we have successfully overcome barriers and from those experiences, we have now improved the system to a point that we did not think was possible. In addition to the success the program has offered, we are pleased that this project has saved our company significant savings. C-TAP'S ability to plan and execute a best in class program is a testament to their ability to provide industry leading services.

Andy Barnes
Fleet Safety Manager Canada
Quality Health Safety Security and Environment
Weatherford Canada

“The management of C-TAP provided excellent focus and project implementation management to ensure that the originally mandated features were implemented on time and on budget. Perhaps most importantly, future modifications are less difficult because a thorough understanding of our business was in place with the software developers before programming began - an essential ingredient in any software development project.

In summary, our goals with VDIS have been realized in the time and cost we had planned for— a rare achievement in software development projects!”

Eric G. Schmelzl
Technical Analyst
Halliburton Energy Services

“In Western Canada, Schlumberger has been using (VDIS) since 1993 to improve the safety and efficiency of our field operations. Since the introduction of the system Schlumberger, in Western Canada, has realized a 15% - 20% improvement in our resource utilization for our open hole operations.

There have also been additional benefits to the software package: 1. Asset tracking, 2. Service tracking, 3. Safety compliance.”

Mark Rixon
Canadian Wireline Manager
Schlumberger Canada

"...increased our utilization of equipment and personnel by as much as 20%."
Maurice Loiselle
Halliburton Energy Services