Journey Management

The journey management software will ensure your employees make it to their destination safely. With a sophisticated monitoring back-end platform and an easy to use mobile app, VDIS is what your company needs for journey safety.

Monitoring Software

The monitoring software will give the agents a visual indication of current journey, location of vehicles, journey alerts, vehicle alarms, received text messages, and more.

Journey Manangement Map

Regular check-in intervals, two way messaging and live alerts and alarms are key to knowing what is happening with employees on journeys.

Journey Manangement Map - messages

For employees calling in their journey details, entry is done swiftly with an efficient entry process that recalls past details automatically. Additional details can be added in comments. A complete log of the journey including check-ins can be viewed with the journey details. The companion mobile app makes it even easier for the employee to communicate with the monitoring center.

Journey Manangement Form

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